Inka’s Rash

Dr Beckett dispensed your product for Inka who had a recurring rash all summer. I tried benadryl creams and caladryl, which dried it up but left the skin dry and scaly.

I also tried Tinaction spray but it appeared to sting Inka when I applied it. And ultimately the rash would return. I applied Dr. Roses remedy 2 times a day and the rash began to draw out immediately. By day 3 the rash was less raw but not dried out.

By day 5 Inka’s belly was smoother and her rash is just about gone. The best part is that Inka didn’t scratch at the rash and she didn’t seem to mind when I sprayed it on. She does not hesitate to go belly up for the medicine anymore and smooth belly rubs are back:). Inka and I thank you for a gentle, pet friendly cure!

* Inka is an Australian cattle mix dog.

I used the spray and salve on my mom’s dogs. I started with Uri, who is 15 years old and has a terrible dermatitis. We’ve tried antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and they always gave Uri a partial relief. We applied the salve and spray for two weeks 3 times a day. The improvement of his skin has been fantastic.

I am totally devoted to homeopathic medicines. I believe they are good for chronic illness. Dr. Rose’s remedies worked really well for Uri and Gringo and it’s safe for any pet. They can lick the medicine and they won’t have any side effects from it.

Dr. Rose’s remedies got the right blend of ingredients that not only heal skin problems but also moisturizes it.

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– The Pet Engineer

We would like to share with everyone we were introduced to this product a few years ago and absolutely love it. We use it on all of the import and export horses at our facility. Horses can come in with all sorts of scrapes, cuts, rain rot, scratches etc. and we get super fast healing and hair regrowth results. We highly recommend, works great on other animals and people too!

– Blue Diamond Farms

This is my 28 years young mare Magic Spirit saying “Thank You!” for the gift pack of Dr. Roses Remedies we won on Wheel of Trivia. This girl seams to always find ways to scrape herself and we use this quite a bit for her. I have noticed one unique thing about Dr. Roses, it seams to repel flies from open sores. Magic has a spot on her front right pastern that she skinned and the flies where really bad, I applied the cream on it and no flies would land on or near the wound. Thank you HITM Gang and Dr. Roses Remedies!

– Robert D Grantham

Husband works in health care and I work in code enforcement. We wash our hands all the time and use antibacterial hand gel.

A few months ago I had a rash appear on my finger and hand. I had been to my dermatologist and she diagnosed me as having eczema. She gave me a scriptfor some kinda of creme. As I was about 2-3 days in to using the creme(without changes) my mom jokingly sprayed her “dog spray” on my finger. Thenext morning it dried up, stopped hurting and looked a lot better. I I askedmom what it was and she said it was Dr Roses. Skin Treatment. She bought itfor her white schnauzer.

A few weeks later it came back even worse. I scheduled another appointmentwith the dermatologist. The first 3 days waiting to see Dr no changes. Days4 through 6 I used the “dog and spray”. It was nearly cleared up by the timeI say the Dr. When I went in he was confused as to why I was there but Ishowed him the pictures I took the day I called him. So he prescribedanother creme…which I choose not to fill. Mom just gave me the spray thatworks so well for me. Thanks!

– Victoria Vitori

Hey guys. After hearing about it on your show, I ordered Dr. Rose’s Remedy for my cat who gets really dry, scaly skin. After just three days of use I’ve noticed a huge improvement and have actually started using the product on my own elbows. It works great! My kitty and I both highly recommend this product.

– Biz Stamm

I just wanted to let you know that I love my Dr. Rose’s Remedies! My sister got me the spray for my birthday and it came Monday. My older rabbit has a flaky, scabby area on her leg. I have put Neosporin on it for a month but it did not really do anything. I put Dr Rose’s on it three times and it is already clearing up. Thanks for recommending this great product!

– Gemma Koontz

Dear Dr. Rose,

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Market thisproduct for human use as well, you’ll make millions. My Aunt startedcarrying your product in her store about 4 years ago, for a while it was anongoing joke if someone had a skin irritation “put some doctor roses on it”.Personally I did it all the time but the younger girls were hesitant to.usea product made for animals. After a horrible eyebrow waxing incident (BURNEDall the skin from beneath my eyebrows OUCH) I used the Dr roses and violatwo days later it was TOTALLY HEALED. Ever since then I’ve kept a containerof the stuff on.hand at home.

Now, a week ago two monstrous painful pimples decided to rear their uglyheads on my face. After lots of poking and prodding I realized I was justmaking these disgusting things worse and have up. The next day I wascleaning out my medicine cabinet and there it was in the back of the cabinetcovered in dust forgotten and lonely, Dr roses. Just a dab on each invaderand back to cleaning I went. Before I was done scrubbing the shower they nolonger hurt. Another dab before bed and the next day they were practicallygone. Now here I am asking you please for the sake of all highschool girlswho get a huge pimple the day before the first day of school, all brides whohave unfortunate waxing accidents a week before their wedding and peoplewith unexplained skin ailments that are just made worse by their doctors”prescription ointments” market this for human use.

– Rebecca

Dear Dr. Rose,

I would really like to thank you for creating your Skin Treatment Spray. It has really helped my horse Billy Bob. You see every summer he would get bed sores on his hind legs. I tried all kinds of things to try to heal them up but nothing worked, in fact they only seemed to make them worse. I talked to my vet about it and he agreed that nothing would make them go away and he recommended putting hock boots on him. I did buy the boots and put them on him but he didn’t like them and they would come off.I read about Dr. Rose’s Skin Treatment Spray and decided I would give it a try. I am so glad I did because of all the things I have tried it has helped the most. His sores are almost gone now and he is so much better. Thank you so much. I recommend the Skin Treatment Spray to anyone whose horse gets bed sores because it really does work.

Sincerely,Sally Reeves

We are very pleased to announce our most recent endorsement from Chelsie Natural Horsemanship

“Chelsie is pleased to announce her endorsement of an excellent product. She has found Dr. Rose’s Remedies Skin Treatment to be a wonderful treatment for a variety of skin conditions. She used it on a couple of horses with itchy tails and manes and the horses found quick relief and stopped rubbing.” Read More

Here are the before and after photos of a cat that was treated using Dr. Rose’s Remedy. You’ll see that before treatment the skin is splayed open and there’s a puncture into the muscle layer as well. The second photo is the result of one week using the remedy every evening before bedtime. Thanks to Rose for making an awesome product!

Sincerely,Angelea Kelly WalkupHorse Girl TV

I thought I’d write with an update on DaisyLu’s vasculitis condition. My sister has been treating her beautiful Bichon Frise with your remedy since our last email exchange and her fur is growing back! She did have an antibiotic shot (the name escapes me, but it’s a strong shot and the name begins with a “C”). Between that and YOUR MIRACLE remedy, DaisyLu will not be hairless! Please add vasculitis to your list of conditions that the remedy heals! You are a Godsend!

With many thanks,Maureen McDermott Cannon

Thank you very much for introducing me to Dr. Rose’s product! It is fantastic. I have had amazing results in very little time.

I own and operate Blue Diamond Stables Ohio’s Import/Export Quarantine facility. We get in horses from all over the world and US for importing and exporting. I first wanted to use your product on our gray test mares that are kept outside most of the year and get dew poising or scratches on their pasterns. I scrubbed the scabs off and applied the salve and within two days it is GONE!!! Amazing! I also use it on all of our quarantine horses for any little scratch, bump, or cut from the flight and shipping. By the time they leave all is gone and hair starts to sprout. My customers really love our attention to detail and I love how fast the product works and that it’s all natural! I will definitely tell everyone I know about it. It’s a MUST have in every barn.

The black leg photos are from a horse I received in for export that has severe scratches or something??? It’s up and down all 4 legs. The scabs were so bad and painful for removal that I just slathered on the salve on the scabs and the next day they just peeled off so I could put the salve directly on the skin. I will let you know how it goes, but so far 80% cleared up in two days!!!

Sincerely,Christine Eberly-BomlitzOwner Blue Diamond Stables Ohio Import/Export Quarantine Facility

Hello My Friend!!!

I am so sorry that I didn’t get back to you sooner but it has been Hell here. Since it was slow here the past 2 weeks, all last week I had to get the farm ready and literally have been working outside 12 hrs a day landscaping for a Senator fundraiser dinner.By the time we got home my body was racked, fingers numb and brain dead.I LOVE Rose’s product. It worked in 2 days with severe scratches melting right off. I have before pics I will send, but now I need to go out to take after pics to share so you can post as well. How much do I owe you? I would like more next time, maybe a larger tub. I used it on every little thing I get in for quarantine. Hip rubs, face cuts, any fungus looking crap in their skin, any scrapes it works great and looks as if hair grows right back if that’s possible? Or am I seeing things? It’s unbelievable.

Best Regards,ChristineBlue Diamond Stables

Well one day I had a HORRIBLE eyebrow waxing experience, and my boss says… put some Dr. Rose’s on it, so I did. Here we are two days later and the nasty burns are almost gone. Now I want to tell EVERYONE about this, but I feel crazy telling people I put dog medicine on my face. It’s a great product and I love it.

Thanks again.Rebecca

Lisa Warmels, LaGrie’s Fine English Saddlery &Fryslan Valley Sport Horses

Dear Tony,

Fryslan Valley Sport Horses is a Dutch owned & operated facility. Dedicated and specialized in the training and showing of Friesian horses, Fryslan Valley Sport Horses is located in Lexington, Kentucky. As specialists for the breed for handling, conditioning, educating and showing, Fryslan Valley Sporthorses has built a great track record in the short years it was founded by Arnold and Lisa Warmels.In 2006, my husband Arnold started his own training stables in the USA after moving from the Netherlands. The first years in the USA, he studied with multiple American trainers to learn how things are done in the US horse industry and had grateful opportunities to work with hundreds of American horses trained in different disciplines.Many Americans look to us for information on training; grooming products (our horses are annually filmed by Gabrielle Boiselle, Bob Langrish, and Mark Barrett); and products that are effective in the treatment of problems such as scratches.Arnold was impressed with your product and how quickly it resolved this round of scratches on Nemo!Our Sport Horse newsletter reaches over 5,000 equestrian readers worldwide, with about 3,500 of those readers being Friesian and feathered horse owners.I own Lagrie’s Fine English Saddlery in Paris, KY, just 12 minutes from the Kentucky Horse Park and would like to offer a proposal to you to feature your product in my store front. We will be having autograph signings and mini clinics from various Equestrian athletes.

Best regards,Lisa Warmels

LaGrie’s Fine English Saddlery

Fryslan Valley Sport Horses

Dear Dr. Rose,

I thought I’d write with an update on Daisy Lou’s vasculitis condition. My sister has been treating her beautiful Bichon Frise with your remedy since our last e-mail exchange and her fur is growing back! She did have an antibiotic shot. Between that and YOUR MIRACLE remedy, Daisy Lou will not be hairless. Please add vasculitis to your list of conditions that the remedy heals! You are a Godsend!

With many thanks, Maureen McDermott Cannon

Amie Robillard

Hi Tony,

After a nasty fall on the ski slopes, I had surgery on January 20, 2010 to repair a broken ulna and shattered radial (both sides of the wrist); an addition of 1 plate and 11 screws and carpal tunnel surgery. I started back to the gym about 5 weeks later and after conversations with you I started using Dr Rose’s Treatment Salve every day, usually twice, since late February. The salve helped immediately with loosening and softening the scar area – even my occupational therapist made a comment to this effect. I also never needed any scar treatment, which is typically associated with surgery – scars usually bubble up, mine did not. As you can see in the pictures the redness has been reduced drastically and the scar is ‘shrinking’. I have also regained full range of movement in my wrist – something my surgeon, occupational therapist, and friends never thought would happen!

I’ve attached a few pictures that show the progression of my scar over the past few months. Looking at the pictures I can definitely see a difference in the redness. However, the pictures don’t necessarily do it justice, because in February I couldn’t even turn my wrist 20% – the scar begins mid palm and is a total of about 5 inches in length.

Thanks again for this product!


Preston McLaurin, Chester, Pa.

I have had over 25 tattoos in my lifetime and I’ve never seen a product work so fast. The healing process starts instantly once you apply the product. I recommend this product for everyone who love’s getting tattoos. believe me it works faster and better than any other healing product.

Melissa M. Pavlica, Sweet Bay Hol-Sale, Inc.


Wow, had to write a short note. Had a bite, dust, or something quite irritating on my arm today. I don’t know what but all of a sudden, it started itching, I scratched at it and by then of course I had a terrible itchy, even quite hot area about half dollar sized on my upper arm. Took one of the small samples out and tried it (sorry, I know is for customers but it was driving me crazy and even burning a bit).

Glad I did, wow…stopped the irritation in its tracks which I expected. It moistened the skin and it felt better in 10 seconds. But, what I did not expect was to look down about 60 minutes later and no redness no irritation nothing…even the redness faded to half in less than 15 minutes. Now it is completely untraceable that there was ever an ouch there.

DRR did more than just “soothe” the skin. Your product does do something amazing within the skin layers. No wonder the patent is on it! WOW! Great product – should have taken before and after…one would have to see it to believe it. Could have captured with timelapse it was so fast and effective.

Wanted to take a minute and pass that along, truly a different product, this heals. These samples will help, thanks again. A few will go to the vet on Monday with me – folks who see it will believe it.

Hope the rest of the world is seeing it too.

Lisa Shotzberger, Healing Horses with Rain Rot

In January of 2009, we had several horses with chronic rain rot. We were offered Dr. Rose’s Skin Treatment Remedy by Dr. Rose DiLeva herself to help eradicate the rain rot on the affected horses. With a crew of volunteers, we first removed as much of the existing rain rot with Excaliber sheath cleaning gel. The gel would loosen up the majority of the scabs to the point where we could pull them off. On one particular horse, some of the scabs were as big as your fist and under them were pus pockets. Most spots were either along the top line or rump of the individual horses. After cleaning the spots thoroughly, the last and final step was to put a small amount of Dr. Rose’s salve on. The consistency of the salve allows the horseman to use it sparingly and still have it be highly effective. We continued applying the salve on once a day and saw drastic changes immediately. Within the week, all sores were healed.

I have been managing horses all my life and have never had a product that made such a difference with the eradication of rain rot. I have also used Dr. Rose’s remedies for wounds, lacerations and insect bites. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties make it useful in a variety of conditions. It is a must for every horse owner. I honestly feel that the use of this product speeded up the actual healing time. The one unmentioned benefit from the use of Dr. Rose’s remedies is the healing factor that it has on human hands after applying it.

In comparison to other rain rot products, I would choose Dr. Rose’s salve over the others. It simply works wonders. Because it is all natural, I don’t have to worry about the possible recall of the product because the FDA has discovered that there may be a chemical that is considered a carcinogen. The product comes in two different sizes which allows us to maintain the smaller jar in our individual grooming bags.

There are many different products on the market that claim to also get rid of rain rot. I have yet to find one that works as well as Dr. Rose’s Remedies.

Heidi Stone, “Princess” Stone

I have a Basenji who has major skin issues (dry skin) and although ithas improved through her raw diet and Omega oil, she still had red, dryirritated skin that she would scratch until it bled.

I tried Dr. Rose’s Remedies on her and within one day her scratchingsubsided, her skin healed. It was truly a miracle and way more than Iexpected from this product. I use it prophylactically now. When shesees the product, she comes voluntarily and sits (she does this forNOTHING else except food) while I put it on her.

I know if she could talk, she would say “thank you!” By the way, I useit for our dry skin as well and it is better than any lotion we havepurchased.

I would like to purchase this by the case! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Kathleen Volpone, “Mikey” and “Sammy”

Hi! We have a dog, Mikey, a long haired miniature Dachshund that currently is 16 years of age. He was born October 4, 1990. Over the past 5 years I have taken Mikey to Dr. Rose DiLeva’s Animal Wellness Center, in Chadds Ford, Pa. She has treated him during this time.

Dr. DiLeva developed a salve years ago, which I have used on Mikey on various occasions and for various conditions. He develops a lot of Hot Spots and within a few days of using the salve they lessen and then disappear. I apply the salve at least two to three times a day and I do not have to worry if he licks the area because it is not harmful to him, although it is best that he doesn’t so it can heal. (Licking would just agitate the spot). I prefer using Dr. Rose’s salve to any chemicals that could be sprayed or put on the spot. The salve is all natural and contains herbs and it works.

Another time Mikey developed a sore between his toes. Dr. Rose gave me Aloe Vera Distillate to soak his paw and them apply her salve after I dried the area. A little after a week the swelling went down and Mikey was doing well again.

I use her salve all the time as an antibacterial after removing a tick or if our dogs have any kind of open injury. Her salve is a life saver for me. I keep it refrigerated so I have it available all the time.

I am now applying the salve to Sammy, another long haired Dachshund, 10 months old, on tick bites after they are removed.

Kathleen Volpone, “Mikey” and “Sammy”

Rupert’s Mom

On Thursday, Jan 25th, 2006 Rupert underwent surgery to remove a lypoma from the “armpit” area of his front left leg. No hospital stay was required. He was sent home with antibiotics and something for pain. Saturday morning he had significant swelling and redness at the incision site, and was “favoring” his left side when he walked and tried to lay down as the staples/stitches extended to his “elbow” area. I started applying Dr. Rose’s Healing Salve to the area and did so several times on Sat. By Sat night I noticed that much of the swelling and redness was gone and that Rupert seemed more comfortable. By Sunday evening the incision had “returned to normal” and continued to heal nicely.

Rupert’s Mom

Jane Barcus

Dear Dr. Di Leva,

My husband brought our young Doberman bitch to you for acupuncture for her false pregnancy. You happened to notice that her underbelly was very red and sore looking. You gave my husband a container of skin salve that he said you had developed yourself (DrRosesRemedies) It worked wonders and the redness was almost gone in a couple of days.

Thanks again.

Jane Barcus

Wendy C. Sheeran

“Dr. Rose’s Healing Salve Dr. DiLeva, As one of your employees, I have been fortunate enough to watch your healing salve work miracles on many animals, some of which would be euthanized if something wasn’t found to help them soon. Given that experience, I obviously use it on all four of my animals for scratches, rashes, itchy ears, tick bites, and incisions. It always helps them feel better and heal more quickly. As a veterinary technician, I acquire my share of scratches and cuts on the job, as well as at home. The salve helps me just as well! Scratches heal faster and don’t itch as they normally would. A few months ago, I received a bad scratch on my face from a large breed puppy who runs about 85 pounds. We thought it might need stitches, but I just applied your salve repeatedly throughout the day, and it healed up within about a week! I don’t even have a scar! #F2F223

Technician friends at other veterinary hospitals are now hooked on your salve as well. One in particular raves about it not only for her many cats, but for herselfl! My husband is an avid cyclist, and I think this product would be ideal for saddle sores and the road rash they sometimes get on long rides or from falls. I’ve also spoken to a friend who runs a farm nearby for use on the horses in her care. And your salve is a must in our first aid kits. The uses are truly endless! And once a person has seen the results on their animals, it doesn’t take them long to make the connection that they will benefit from using it too! Thank you for inventing such an amazing, helpful and incredibly easy-to-use product.

Most sincerely, Wendy C. Sheeran

“Dr. Rose’s Healing Salve”

Kathleen Hood and Dave Long Proud Owners of Three Healthy Rescue Weimaraners

Dear Dr. DiLeva:

I write to share what a miraculous product you have developed with Dr. Rose’s Healing Salve. Here is a brief summary of the incredible success we have experienced.

When we brought our third rescue Weimaraner home, we discovered that his underbelly was raw and oozing. In addition, the inside of his ears was covered with a red bumpy rash. After you prescribed the application of Dr. Rose’s Healing Salve, we applied it and saw dramatic improvement within a week! Much to our amazement, the raw, oozing sores on our new dog’s underbelly were entirely gone and the rash on the ears had subsided.

When we returned to your office a week later, you were able to witness the incredibly dramatic healing that had taken place!

Since that time we have used the salve on a variety of skin-related dog complaints including hot spots, chafing, cuts, rashes, etc.All with amazing results! We strongly encourage you to market this product commercially so that other pet owners can purchase this proven remedy for pet healing! (My brother wants to know when your salve is marketed because he is tired of taking small baggies of the salve home to Maryland when he visits us!) In addition to addressing animal issues, your salve is also just as marvelous for humans and we have used it many times for a wide variety of skin issues (including a deep scar I had received from a cut received when our second rescue dog accidentally scratched my arm). The plastic jar of Dr. Rose’s Healing Salve now stands as a first aid staple in our natural medicine closet. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE MARKET THIS PRODUCT! Customers will be standing in line once they know and experience the healing properties of this FABULOUS NATURAL PRODUCT!!! Please let us know what we can do to help! With gratitude and admiration, Kathleen Hood and Dave Long Proud Owners of Three Healthy Rescue Weimaraners (Thanks to you!)

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